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Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates are an important tool of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It is used to certify building elevations if the building is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area in order to determine the proper flood insurance premium rate for the building, or if flood insurance is even needed.

Boundary Surveying

A survey, the primary purpose of which is to document the perimeters, or any one of them, of a parcel or tract of land by establishing or re-establishing corners, monuments, and boundary lines for the purposes of describing the parcel, locating fixed improvements on the parcel, dividing the parcel, or platting.

Topographic Surveying

Topographic Surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth or slightly above or below the earth’s surface (i.e. trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles, retaining walls, etc.). If the purpose of the survey is to serve as a base map for the design of a residence or building of some type, or design a road or driveway, it may be necessary to show perimeter boundary lines and the lines of easements on or crossing the property being surveyed, in order for a designer to accurately show zoning and other agency required setbacks.

As-Built Surveying

As-built surveys are needed to record variations from original Engineering plans to what is actually built. As-built surveys are required by many agencies to prove the location of a structure at a point in time. Many agencies need the as-built surveys for the actual locations of underground improvements. These are especially important for maintenance and future development of the site.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic surveying collects data concerning bodies of water, such as bottom depth configuration, current directions and forces, water stage heights and times, and the locations of fixed objects for surveying or navigation.

  • Riparian Rights Surveys
  • Mean High Water Line delineation
  • Mean High Water Line study
  • Submerged Land Lease Surveys
  • Bathymetry: Single and Dual Beams
  • Pond as-builts
  • Pre- and Post-Dredge Surveys

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